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The History of the Redondo Beach CA Real Estate Market Spans More Than 7,000 Years: The first people who inhabited what is now the Redondo Beach real estate market were the Chowigna people who settled in the area about 7000 years ago. They lived in caves near what is now Redondo Beach's wilderness park and ate seafood that they harvested from nearby marshlands. They lived in the area until the Spanish government forced them from the area by establishing the Rancho San Pedro land grant.

The land grant remained in the possession of Juan Jose Dominguez's family until it was divided during the 19th century into 17 parcels. One of these parcels was purchased in 1887 by the Redondo Beach Land Company. This parcel was developed during the 1890s into Redondo Beach's first permanent neighborhoods.

This development was spurred by the creation of railroad service in the area that attracted many settlers to the area. Many of these settlers converted empty Redondo Beach properties located near the Redondo Railway into hotels and spas that became popular tourist attractions.

The demand for Redondo Beach homes was rejuvenated in the 1950s after many young professionals discovered Redondo Beach's beautiful beaches and quiet atmosphere. This discovery spurred the development of many beautiful Modernist-style homes that are still a terrific value in today's Redondo Beach real estate market.

Redondo Beach CA homes are now located in a beautiful city that offers Redondo Beach home buyers a vibrant social scene, many outdoor activities and many cultural activities. These advantages make Redondo Beach CA homes a wonderful value for anyone who relocates to Redondo Beach.

For more information about the history of real estate in Redondo Beach, please visit this website maintained by the Redondo Beach City Council.

The Redondo Beach Public Works Department Offers Several Recreational Facilities: The Redondo Beach Public Works Department offers more than 40 recreational facilities that are located within a three-mile radius of most Redondo Beach homes for sale. Some of the most popular include a public lagoon, a modern sports complex , a public pier, a community center and 13 parks.

Moreover, the Redondo Beach Recreation & Community Services Department offers more than 100 recreational activities that take place near most homes for sale in Redondo Beach. Some of the most popular Redondo Beach recreational activities include family computer classes, line dance classes, seven adult sports programs and several recreational activities that cater to the needs of senior citizens.

Redondo Beach Is Home to Many Fun Attractions: There are many fun attractions that are located near a Redondo Beach real estate agent who can help you purchase a fantastic home. Some of these attractions include the Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center, the King Harbor Marina Shopping and Entertainment District and the Redondo Beach Historical Museum.

Redondo Beach Is Home to Many Fun Events: There are many fun events that take place near high-quality Redondo Beach homes for sale. Some of the most popular Redondo Beach events include the Redondo Beach Lobster Festival, the Redondo Beach Farmers Market Festival and the Redondo Beach Summer of Music Festival. Home buyers who are interested in hiring a Redondo Beach realtor can find information about other events by visiting the special events website maintained by the Redondo Beach City Council.
Pamela Lieb
Pamela Lieb